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“3MW Iruttukanam Small Hydro Electric Project, Kerala, India” at Viyyat Power Private Limited in Taluka Devikulam, District Idukki, Kerala, India

Hydro projects generate electricity from flowing water. They reduce the need to burn fossil fuels to generate our power. Project benefits: preserving natural resources; promoting renewable energy generation; reducing dependency on non-renewable resources; helping spread green technology worldwide; and improving health.

3 MW Iruttukanam Small Hydel Power (SHP) Project, UNFCCC ID No. 1514 envisages harnessing of green energy from run of Upper Kallar river for an annual generation of 11.93 Million Unit. A diversion weir of 8 M height and 49 M long is constructed across the river at Ambazhachal and water is diverted through a 2.8 M ‘D’ Shaped tunnel 712.5 M long and lead to the Power House through a 1118 mm dia 205M long penstock bifurcating into 2 branches of 700 mm dia pipes and enters into the power house feeding two Francis type turbines each coupled with a 1.5 MW generator. The tail water is fed into the same Upper Kallar river through a tailrace channel.

The generated power at 3.3 kv is stepped up to 66 kv in the switch yard through a 5 MVA 3.3 kv/66kv transformer and the energy is evacuated to 66 kv grid of Kerala Stage Electricity Board Limited.

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Economic Growth Participation
Environment Natural Resources Participation
Environment Air Participation
USD 2.50 per tonne
IN: 197032979 - 197042597
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Viyyat Power Private Limited
Availability: 9591 tonne(s)


USD 2.50 per tonne
IN: 197042606 - 197043010
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Viyyat Power Private Limited
Availability: 193 tonne(s)