Take climate action 
by supporting green projects
This platform features UNFCCC certified projects that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.
The projects are implemented in developing countries and are rewarded with Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), a type of carbon offset measured in tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The CERs are available for everyone to purchase to offset emissions or in support of the projects. The full contributions go directly to the projects.
Projects by impact
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"Helping museums, zoos, gardens and historic sites nationally and internationally reduce climate impacts and become more resilient requires personal connections, thoughtful partnerships, and transparency. Some air travel is unavoidable for someone living on the Hawaiian Islands, yet the carbon costs do not reflect the work we do and values we espouse. Climate Neutral Now gives Sustainable Museums a trustworthy, transparent way to partner with organizations to support practices that so clearly align with our goals, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

Sarah Sutton
Sustainable Museums
"WasteBox is a carbon solutions provider based in Japan. We help companies and organizations measure, reduce, and offset their GHG emissions. We offer a range of VER and CER credits for offsetting, and Climate Neutral Now platform is a helpful tool for us to find suitable CERs for our clients.

We believe it is important to take climate action not only domestically but also globally and supporting CDM projects is one of sensible ways to achieve it. We will strive to contribute on transition to a sustainable society by assisting our clients’ climate action."

Shuichiro Suzuki
Waste Box, Japan
"Orma develops innovative solutions to give users the option to do their part and compensate their greenhouse gases emissions within our partner’s apps and websites, in the quickest, safest, most accountable and low cost way possible. To assure transparency, we compensate the GHG emissions at the Climate Neutral Now platform, a convenient and easy to use service, which presents a great array of emissions reduction projects, all passed through a rigorous registration process, validated by UN Climate Change."

Paulo Zanardi Junior
Founder and Head of Climate Change
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India 1,512,117 t
United States 712,706 t
Australia 634,506 t
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