What’s your Climattitude?

1. Many elements of our everyday lifestyles impact our climate. Of the following four, which one do you find the most difficult to address?
Food: I admit that I don’t really think about how my eating habits impact the climate.
Comfort: I like being able to change the thermostat to cool my home down or heat it up at will.
Local transport: I would rather drive my car because it is often faster.
Vacation: I do care about the climate but when I am on vacation, I like to travel around the world by plane.
2. How often do you eat meat?
Every day — I love eating meat!
Several times a week — but I also eat vegetarian dishes.
Rarely — there are many delicious alternatives.
Never — I am a vegetarian/vegan.
3. Have you seen the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”?
I have never heard of it.
I like Sound of Music better.
Yes, and it scared me.
I love it and encourage all my friends to see it.
4. Going somewhere?
I travel a lot, which involves taking many flights.
I try to avoid flying by taking a train or driving a car, there are many alternatives.
I go for whatever way is quickest, convenient or cheap.
I travel as little as possible: train for long distances and public transportation, bike or foot for local travel.
5. How much warm water do you use?
A lot — I like to have a nice, warm bath every day.
Regularly — I enjoy hot showers and baths but I know there are climate impacts, so I try to reduce their frequency.
Conscientiously — I installed a clock in my shower to ensure that I won’t shower longer than a set amount of time. I am always late anyway.
Sparingly — I shower about every second day and not too long.
6. When you talk about climate change with your friends, you tend to be:
Relaxed about it — I am not too worried.
Confused about it — I want to take action, but how?
Frustrated about it — I do not have time for this!
Eager to say what can be done about it — Yes, I have answers so let’s get down to business!
7. What do you think of extreme weather events, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, etc.?
They are clearly a concern, but it’s nature, you know.
I think they’re serious and we should plan for them, but what can we do about them?
I don’t have time to think about it, I live in the now.
The frequency of these events is increasing — we must act now!
8. Are you aware of the human costs of climate change?
I don’t think that there are any major impacts yet.
Yes, but there aren’t any impacts in my country.
I think the effects of climate change are indeed significant in terms of human lives and costs, but I am not sure to what extent.
The impacts of climate change affect the loss of many human lives every year, and cost us trillions of dollars – we must take climate action now!

Additional information: This campaign is an initiative of the UN Climate Change secretariat. It aims to encourage individuals who are willing and in a position to contribute to climate action.