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18 MW Kemphole Mini Hydel Scheme (KMHS), by International Power Corporation Limited, India

The Project: The project activity generates electricity through natural water current of the Kemphole river stream. It falls under the category “run of river” which emphasises the fact that the project does not store water as in the case of a huge dam i.e.; there is no construction of a huge conventional dam for the purpose of generating hydro electricity and only a raised weir for water diversion structure is built for the purpose of harnessing the perennial flows available in the river.  

Since it’s commissioning in the year 2003, the project has been contributing to lower the carbon intensity of the Southern India grid. The project results in an annual emission reduction of 50,000 tCO2. The projects developed by IPCPL are established with the sole purpose to promote renewable energy.

IPCPL is contemplating the development of a total 100 MW project activity by the year 2018. Currently, the company has an operating portfolio of 28.50 MW of small hydro power and is poised to get into the bracket of IPPs with over 100 MW of operating power plants with assorted portfolios in the near future.

IPCPL ensures that environmental and social due diligence is conducted before embarking upon any new venture. The company also envisages developing expertise and processes to comply with environmental legislation for projects commissioning.

Technology: The project uses three horizontal Francis turbines of 6 MW capacity each coupled with horizontal 3 phase, 50 Hz, 500 rpm synchronous generators are used. The gross head available for the project is 68 meter. The three hydro turbine generators (6MW) uses natural flow of water to generate clean electricity. At the time of its construction, the project activity used many technological and structural innovations like automatic thrash rack cleaning systems. This was done with the only purpose of keeping the trash rack openings free of floating debris and, in the process, ensuring the safety of the staff managing the trash cleaning operation.

Location: The project is located in Heggadde, a village of Hassan District, in the state of Karnataka, India. The nearest human settlement is 10 km from the site. The entire region is mostly dependent of farming for its survival. The project has not acquired any farming land for its construction. The whole project is constructed in an area of mere 4.95hectares.

Sustainable Development: The project is also helping in the sustainable development of the region by narrowing the power deficit, employing local villagers, improving infrastructure and in-turn adding economic well-being.

It has been instrumental in the development of infrastructure and rising employment in the surrounding villages. During construction, the project had employed majority of manpower from the local villages (numbering as much as 150personnel for a period of 3 years). During its operation the project has been employing a total of 51 personnel among which 45are from the surrounding villages, of which all are trained by IPCPL itself.

The project operates by the applicable EHS standards and strictly adheres to employee safety and welfare priorities.

Hydro Power Projects: Hydro projects generate electricity from flowing water. They reduce the need to burn fossil fuels to generate our power. Project benefits: preserving natural resources; promoting renewable energy generation; reducing dependency on non-renewable resources; helping spread green technology worldwide; and improving health.

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USD 1.00 per tonne
IN: 118384140 - 118452524
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: M/s International Power Corporation Limited
Availability: 49,126 tonne(s)