Chacayes Hydroelectric Project, Chile

From USD 5.00 Available tonnes: 1
Chacayes run of river hydro project is a 111 MW power plant located in the Cachapoal Valley of Chile. Operating since 2011, it has played an important role meeting country’s increasing demand of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the economic growth and sustainable development of local communities.


Biomass Energy Conservation Programme

From USD 15.00 Available tonnes: 7,576
A recent study in Malawi showed that switching from a three-stone fire to a Chitetezo Mbaula stove reduces the amount of particles emitted by 46% and carbon monoxide by 44%. A well-tuned stove can reduce firewood consumption by up to 80%, knowing that Malawi suffered 57% deforestation between 1972 and 1992. The Chite…


Project for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions…

From USD 4.00 Available tonnes: 12,742
Our company Hidroelectrica La Confluencia S.A. is a Chilean hydroelectric power company, created in June 2004. Together with Hidroeléctrica La Higuera S.A., we formed a joint venture under the name "Tinguiririca Energía", co-owned by the Australian company Pacific Hydro and the Norwegian company Statkraft. We run our proje…


Salkhit Wind Farm

From USD 3.00 Available tonnes: 50,610
The Salkhit Wind Farm is the first grid connected wind farm in Mongolia. The project generates renewable electricity using wind power resources and supplies it to the Mongolian central electricity system grid to meet the growing electricity demand.


155 MW Gas based combined cycle power project at Hazir…

From USD 1.50 Available tonnes: 198,909
The purpose of the project activity is to set up a natural gas based combined cycle power plant (CCPP) through a special purpose vehicle Bhander Power Limited (BPL).