Project for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions…

From USD 2.50 Available tonnes: 194,841
Hydro projects generate electricity from flowing water. They reduce the need to burn fossil fuels to generate our power. Project benefits: preserving natural resources; promoting renewable energy generation; reducing dependency on non-renewable resources; helping spread green technology worldwide; and improving health.


Malagone SHP CDM Project, Minas Gerais, Brazil (JUN112…

From USD 1.00 Available tonnes: 20,507
Malagone is a run of river small hydro project located in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It has an installed capacity of 19 MW. The project feeds the National Interconnected Grid System with renewable sources of electricity, helping to meet the growing demand of energy in Brazil.


Chacayes Hydroelectric Project, Chile

From USD 2.50 Available tonnes: 8,359
Chacayes run of river hydro project is a 111 MW power plant located in the Cachapoal Valley of Chile. Operating since 2011, it has played an important role meeting country’s increasing demand of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the economic growth and sustainable development of local communities.


Trupan Biomass Power Plant in Chile

From USD 3.00 Available tonnes: 1,046
Trupan is a biomass power plant of 30 MW implemented by Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A., a leading forestry company in Chile. The project activity assists country’s sustainable development by fostering the implementation of distributed power generation, preventing contamination and creating labor opportunities.