BRT Zhengzhou, China

From USD 12.00 Available tonnes: 6,876
Bus Rapid Transit Zhengzhou is a modern bus-based mass transit system. The project features the largest fleet of hybrid and electric buses worldwide with more than 3.100 units. The project includes 100 km of bus-only lanes, an integrated smart ticketing system, and real-time information of customers.



From USD 1.00 Available tonnes: 20,327
The purpose of the project “KOWEPO Small hydroelectric CDM Project in Taean” is to generate hydroelectric power by using the net head of cooling water drained into the sea. KOWEPO has established small hydro generators that uses sea water as cooling water and returns it into the sea.


Renewable biomass based thermal energy generation in M…

From USD 1.80 Available tonnes: 1,480
Mangal Textile Mills (1) Pvt. Ltd (MTMPL) is an India's well-known textile manufacturing organization which implements the project. The eco-friendly project is located at the textile manufacturing unit at Vatva, GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


5.30 MW Bundled Wind Power Project in India

From USD 2.75 Available tonnes: 2,000
The project activity is a bundled wind power project of capacity 5.3 MW installed in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan in India. The project activity supplies electricity to the Indian grid. The total installed capacity of the project activity is 5.30 MW. The project activity uses wind energy to produ…


5.5MW Bundled Photovoltaic power generation project in…

From USD 1.00 Available tonnes: 37,296
Korea Western Power Co., Ltd (KOWEPO), a leading electric power company in the Republic of Korea, has developed a 5.5MW Bundled Photovoltaic Power Generation Project. This grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) initiative comprises four PV power plants with a total installed capacity of approximately 5.559MW (1,875.5kW, 1,…


Zhejiang Tangcun 32MW Hydropower Project

From USD 0.62 Available tonnes: 91,415
Zhejiang Tangcun 32MW Hydropower Project is a replacement project (from 9.12MW to 32MW) with the utilization of water flow from the existing reservoir to improve the efficiency and without negative social and environmental impacts from relocation and land submerge as compared with similar scale hydropower project with new…


10 MW Biomass Based Renewable Energy Generation for th…

From USD 3.50 Available tonnes: 2,884
Saradambika is a 10 MW Biomass Power Plant located in Chimur, India. The project conserves local resources, reduces pressure on the environment, and improves health conditions in the community. The emissions reductions of the project are estimated at 353,487 tonnes of CO2 eq. over the crediting period of 10 years.


2.5 MW Rice husk based cogeneration plant at Hanuman A…

From USD 3.50 Available tonnes: 102,926
Hanuman Agro Industries Limited (HAIL) is a public limited company, incorporated in 1994 with the main objectives of carrying out business activities in the field of Paper & Power Generation using conventional or non-conventional fuel.