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BRT Zhengzhou, China

The Bus Rapid Transit Zhengzhou is a modern bus-based mass transit system. The project includes more than 100km of bus-only lanes, an integrated smart ticketing system, a central bus dispatch and real-time information of customers. The project features the largest fleet of hybrid and electric buses worldwide with more than 3,000 large hybrid buses, most of which are gas-electric plug-in hybrids and more than 100 large battery-electric buses with an innovative automated battery interchange system.

Even including carbon emissions from electricity production hybrid and electric buses reduce GHG emissions compared to conventional units by 40-60% whilst operating on zero emissions in the city center. The measures of the project allow for a mode shift from private vehicles and taxis towards public transport with a positive climate impact, improved local air quality, less traffic congestion, less time spent for commuting, and a reduced accident rate.

For more information on the social benefits of this project, you can read its Sustainable Development Co-benefits report here.

For more details on this project, please click here. And for more information on the project developer, please click here.

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Environment Air Participation
Social Health And Safety Participation
Social Education Participation
Social Welfare Participation
Economic Growth Participation
Economic Technology Transfer Participation
Economic Balance Of Payments Participation
Extent of Further Information Participation

Applicable Commitment Period questionmark
USD 1.50 per tonne
CN: 921904938 - 921939905
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Gruetter Consulting AG
Availability: 21,508 tonne(s)