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Cristalino Small Hydroelectric Power Plant (hereafter referred to as “CristalSHP”)

The SHP Cristalino CDM Project activity involves the construction of a Small Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Barra Preta River.

The Barra Preta River is located in the Manoel Ribas municipality at Paraná State, south region of Brazil. The SHP is located in the south part of Brazil, where the largest coal reserves are located as well as most of thermo power plants using this fuel.

The proposed project is a run-of-river hydropower plant, which involves no dam construction. Therefore, the environmental impact is very small compared to other types of power generations alternatives.

The main objective of the project is to help meet Brazil’s rising demand for energy due to economic growth and to contribute to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability by increasing renewable energy’s share of the total Brazilian electricity consumption.

SHP Cristalino, with a power capacity of 4.0 MW, uses the renewable hydro potential of the Barra Preta River to supply electricity to the Brazilian South/Southeast/Midwest interconnected grid, contributing to reduction of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission factor of Brazil’s energy system. The project activity reduces these emissions by avoiding electricity generation through fossil fuel combustion (and CO2 emissions), which would generate (and release) CO2 in the atmosphere.

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USD 1.49 per tonne
BR: 100486081 - 100497123
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Cristalino Energia Ltda.
Availability: 11,043 tonne(s)