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DelAgua Public Health Program in Eastern Africa

DelAgua are distributing advanced water filters and high efficiency cookstoves to the poorest 30% of households in Rwanda, about 3 million people. The project is targeted at providing individual households with a ready supply of clean drinking water and an improved efficient means of cooking.

The cookstoves provide a cleaner cooking solution by reducing fuel usage by up to 60% and smoke emissions by up to 70%, thereby reducing climate harming greenhouse gases and helping to reduce diseases caused by air pollution. The water filters convert microbiologically contaminated water into safe, clean drinking water, reducing water borne diseases. Improved education, increased productivity and new employment opportunities are all other benefits of the project.

Quote from a beneficiary:

Monica, Gatare village:  – ‘We’re so excited to receive the filter. It’s helping our family to reduce diseases. We don’t have to collect as much wood and my children will be able to go to school more’.

Carbon revenue is essential for distributions to the poorest people, as it is the primary revenue for the project, and pays for the hardware, and most of the education and outreach costs.

In the retail market, cookstove sales will be facilitated by microfinance, but supply chains and access are difficult for the 90% of the population living in rural areas. Carbon revenues will be used to ensure access in the ‘last mile’, bringing down the final cost of purchase in remote and rural households.

For more details on this programme of activities, please click here and for more information on the project developer, please click here.


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