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Grid Connected Wind Power Project in Tamil Nadu

Theni-I Wind Project is one of longstanding project in CLP India’s renewable portfolio and delivering notable sustainable benefits to local as well global environment. This project uses wind turbines to generate electricity from wind energy without creating any air or water pollution. Key sustainable benefits from the project include improved access to electricity, improved air quality, water conservation, job creation and boost to local/village level economy. Some of these are as follows:

The project is designed to generate 97 million units every year, which is equivalent to powering more than 19,000 Indian households.

The project avoids more than 90,000 tones CO2e per year and saves more than 340 million litres of water per year compared to a typical coal power plant, which is currently dominating Indian electricity sector.

The project stimulates local economy by creating and supporting direct and indirect jobs. Close to 70 people are directly or indirectly employed for this project.

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