From USD 1.00 Available tonnes: 20,327
The purpose of the project “KOWEPO Small hydroelectric CDM Project in Taean” is to generate hydroelectric power by using the net head of cooling water drained into the sea. KOWEPO has established small hydro generators that uses sea water as cooling water and returns it into the sea.


Ganluo Camp Hydropower Project

From USD 0.84 Available tonnes: 83,246
Experience the incredible impact of green energy with the Ganluo Camp Hydropower Project! Situated in the beautiful Aga Town in Ganluo County, Tibetan region of Sichuan Province, China, an economically disadvantaged area, this innovative hydropower initiative is poised to reshape the way we think about sustainable energy.


Zhejiang Tangcun 32MW Hydropower Project

From USD 0.62 Available tonnes: 102,589
Zhejiang Tangcun 32MW Hydropower Project is a replacement project (from 9.12MW to 32MW) with the utilization of water flow from the existing reservoir to improve the efficiency and without negative social and environmental impacts from relocation and land submerge as compared with similar scale hydropower project with new…


Vanala Small Scale Hydropower Project

From USD 1.00 Available tonnes: 272,240
The Vanala Small Scale hydropower project is a 15 MW run of the river type small hydroelectricity generation project located on the river Nandakini in the Chamoli district of the state Uttranchal, India. The project involves installation of two horizontal Francis turbines generating sets of 7.5 MW each for hydroelectricity…