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Improved Cook Stove Project 1, Nkhata Bay District, Malawi

This is a cook stove project in Malawi and is run by RIPPLE Africa (a UK charity). RIPPLE Africa has so far replaced about 40,000 traditional three-stone cooking fires with fuel efficient cook stoves.

This project therefore benefits approximately 200,000 people.The project has lots of benefits because traditional three-stone fires:

- Consume a huge amount of wood resulting in major deforestation. It also takes a lot of time to collect all this wood. This time can be spent on education and other activities.

- Produce lots of smoke and so cause health problems such and lung cancer and child pneumonia. This mostly affects women and children.

- Are unsafe for children.

RIPPLE Africa has made this fuel efficient cook stove a way of life and has significantly reduced Malawi’s

greenhouse gas emissions. Have a look at our video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9yJb9FTY5AM

RIPPLE Africa will use the funds from the sale of the credits to expand the project and support other RIPPLE Africa activities such as fish conservation, tree planting, forest conservation, education and health care services. RIPPLE Africa wants to expand the project so that 500,000 people will benefit from this fuel efficient cook stove.

Supporting information can also be found here:

- Health issues of traditional cook stoves http://cleancookstoves.org/impact-areas/health/

- Environment issues of traditional cook stoves http://cleancookstoves.org/impact-areas/environment/index.html

- Livelihood issues of traditional cook stoves http://cleancookstoves.org/impact-areas/livelihoods/index.html

- Gender issues of traditional cook stoves http://cleancookstoves.org/impact-areas/women-gender/index.html 


For more information on this project, please click here.

For more information on the social benefits of the project click here.

If you are interested in purchasing more credits than are available on this website then please feel free to contact us on info@rippleafrica.org


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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Social Health And Safety Participation
Environment Natural Resources Participation
Social Welfare Participation

Applicable Commitment Period questionmark
USD 8.50 per tonne
MW: 142820 - 172849
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: RIPPLE Africa
Availability: 19,934 tonne(s)