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LaGeo, S. A. de C. V., Berlin Geothermal Project, Phase Two

LaGeo, S.A. de C.V., Berlin Geothermal Project, Phase Two is a 44 MW geothermal power unit that uses a condensation unit to produce electricity to be supplied to the national interconnected grid at Berlin Geothermal Plant.

The primary objective of the Project Activity is to supply El Salvador’s rising demand for energy due to economic growth and to improve the supply of electricity, by increasing renewable energy’s share of total the Salvadoran electricity consumption.

One fundamental goal of the project is the efficient use of resources, particularly indigenous resources, while minimizing impact on the environment.

LaGeo, S.A. de CV is committed to contribute to sustainable development and to pursue the harmonious relations among the company, surrounding communities and environment.

To safeguard the wildlife in the areas close to the power plant, LaGeo established a wildlife protection park, named Georesguardo, as an alternative to shelter the animal species that seizes in bad captivity conditions and illegal ownership.

The activities of the Georesguardo are aimed to make people aware of the importance of the sustainable management of natural resources and to promote the local development through the environmental education and recreation of the communities.

Many animals have found a home in the wildlife protection park, where they are fed, receive veterinarian attention and then liberated if they are able to survive in natural conditions.

Young people from the surrounding communities work in the park as rangers. They have had the opportunity to be trained in environmental conservation, animal health care, forest protection and English skills. Six ranger works actually and three of them are women.

The project participant is committed to contribute to sustainable development and to pursue the harmonious relations between the company and surrounding communities to Berlín geothermal field, with the purpose to create development opportunities for increase the quality of life of its neighbours. It has supported different community projects through its Corporate Responsibility Program, covering the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development and 24 communities of Alegría, Berlín and Mercedes Umaña municipalities have resulted benefited.


On October 27 The UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, officially unveiled the winners of the initiative UNFCCCC "Momentum for Change" Our LaGeo company, participated in this initiative won first place "Woman for Resulst" with the theme "Geothermal Energy Harvesting". The awards were presented on December 8th in the City of Paris France.

Our banners have been in favor of reforestation, environmental protection, biodiversity projects and our program Georesguardo. That is why the recognition reflects the result of teamwork between neighbors, especially women, who in addition to permanent and temporary jobs, actions that carry a seal of empowerment of women.

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