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Malagone SHP CDM Project, Minas Gerais, Brazil (JUN1122)

With an installed capacity of 19MW, the SHP Malagone is located in the Uberabinha river in the Uberlândia city , Minas Gerais State – south-east region, Brazil. This is a run of river small hydro project (SHP).

This enterprise has as main goal the electricity generation to be delivered in the National Interconnected Grid System (SIN) compensating the thermal generation from fossil fuels in the system with the generation of renewable sources of energy. The construction of Malagone also helps to meet the growing demand ofr energy/electricity in Brazil.

Moreover, help with the supply of electricity contributing to the environmental sustainability by increasing the share of renewable energy in relation to the total electricity consumption in Brazil. Thus, the project activity supports the construction of new renewable energy project as environmentally sustainable alternative to the electricity energy generation.

Considering that the project activity consists in a SHP with a small reservoir (1.27 km2) , it represents a virtually zero environmental impact when compared to large hydroelectric facilities. This fact is very important because the construction of Small Hydro Power plants can really contributes to the efficient use of the environmental and natural resources, thus avoiding the growth of the environmental and social liabilities caused by new large hydroelectric power plants.

In this way, the investment in modern technology for small hydropowers contributes for an efficient use of the water resources as a relevance factor to be emphasized, adding value to the natural resources.

In regard to the contribution of the Project in mitigation of the Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), the project activity reduces emissions of these gasespreventing the entry into operation of thermoelectric plants that use fossil fuels as energy input. In the absence of the project activity, fossil fuels would be burned in thermoelectric plants grid connected. The project activity initiative helps Brazil to meet its goals of promoting sustainable development.

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Provider: Carbotrader Assessoria e Consultoria em Energia Ltda.
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