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Manaus Landfill Gas Project

The purpose of the project activity is to collect landfill gas (LFG) at the Manaus Landfill and combust the extracted gas utilizing LFG engines and high-efficiency enclosed flares, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The LFG collection system consists of a grid of horizontal collection system, centrifugal blower(s), and all other supporting mechanical, electrical subsystems and appurtenances necessary to collect the LFG.

The Manaus landfill is located 3.5 kilometers north of the city of Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil. The city of Manaus is located in the Amazon region, where is situated the Brazilyan Amazonic Forest.

The operation of the plant is mabe by Conestoga Rovers e Associados Engenharia Ltda- CRA. CRA is a Brazilian company, who in 2004 originated from the association Infraconsult Engenharia Ltda. with the CRA Holdings.

The CRA provides engineering, environmental consulting, construction and information technology services. Among the customers of CRA stand out commercial and industrial companies, environmental law companies, water companies and sewage, government institutions, the World Bank, as well as numerous municipalities.

The CRA do the management of two Clean Development Mechanism projects at Landfills in Brazil (Manaus Landfill Gas Project and Aura Landfill Gas Project).

The project makes a strong contribution to sustainable development in Brazil. In addition to reducing emissions of GHGs and generating clean electricity, the project provides other sustainable development benefits as follows:

- Contribution to human health and the environment;

- Contribution to the improvement of working conditions and employment creation;

- Contribution to income generation;

- Contribution to regional integration and co-operation with other sectors.

More details about the points mentioned above are presented in the registered project design document, available at UNFCCC website.

For more information on the social benefits of the project click here and for more information on the project developer, please click here.

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Economic Growth Participation
Social Jobs Participation
Environment Natural Resources Participation
USD 3.50 per tonne
BR: 88330176 - 88341240
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Conestoga Rovers e Associados e Engenharia Ltda.
Availability: 8142 tonne(s)


USD 3.50 per tonne
BR: 94691307 - 94727987
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Conestoga Rovers e Associados e Engenharia Ltda.
Availability: 36113 tonne(s)