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Maracanã Small Hydropower Project

The Project is a run of river Small Hydropower Plant (SHP) with installed capacity of 10.656 MW. Can generate an average of 61,583 MWh per year, considering two Francis turbines, with horizontal axis, and two generator units. The project is connected to the Brazilian National Interconnected System.

The project activity reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that would have occurred otherwise in the absence of the project activity by avoiding electricity generation by fossil fuel sources in the grid and in the time when the additionality was verified, it reduces an average of 17,183 tCO2 per year. Has several social and environmental programs that provides historical datas over soil and water quality in the area nearby Project activity.

The SHP is located in the municipality of Nova Marilândia, on the State of Mato Grosso, Midwest region of Brazil. The region’s main economic activities are agriculture of soy, rice, corn and beans, as well as coffee and citrus. 

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Latin America & the Caribbean


Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Social Jobs Participation

Applicable Commitment Period questionmark
USD 2.00 per tonne
BR: 107725777 - 107769034
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Maracanã Energética S.A.
Availability: 43,258 tonne(s)