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Gold Standard Project Turns Starch into Energy

The Metro wastewater treatment project captures methane from a starch plant in Thailand and generates clean energy and social benefits for local communities. The project is located in the district of Prankata,  250 km north of Bangkok, in a rural and agricultural region. Only few years ago the inhabitants of the surrounding villages could smell the open lagoons used for clearing the starch wastewater. Today, not only the local air and water quality has improved significantly, but the starch plant managed to reduce its fossil fuel use and provided 17 jobs during construction and operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

For its contribution to sustainable development the project was registered by the Gold Standard Foundation.  

A detailed description of the project is available here: http://www.thesouthpolegroup.com/public/projects/0392.pdf

For more information on the social benefits of this project, please click here (open document Gold Standard Passport and go to page 20)

For further information on this project, please click here and for more information on the project developer, please click here.

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Economic Growth Participation
Social Jobs Participation
Social Welfare Participation
Environment Air Participation
Environment Natural Resources Participation
USD 4.00 per tonne
TH: 9054427 - 9069833
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.
Availability: 13,243 tonne(s)