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Renewable Wind Power generation for promoting energy security

Welcome! This project is certified by the Gold Standard!

The project is promoted by Gangadhar Narsingdas Agrawal. The firm is involved in the business of Mining and Export of Iron Ore as the core area of their business activities. In view of the energy crisis, need of clean, renewable energy and support from Kyoto protocol’s CDM, the company decided to get involved in Wind power generation. Annual average emission reduction from project activity will be 48,430 tCO2e. The project activity uses wind energy to generate electricity and supplies it to grid. Since no greenhouse gases emissions are involved, the project activity produces clean energy. The project activity reduces greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from various fossil fuel fired power plants connected to the grid with zero emission power from the project activity.

The project activity involves installation of 26 wind mills of various capacities around various states of India, cumulatively producing 25.5 MW. It consists of 7 WTGs of 1.5 MW each in the state of Karnataka, 4 WTGs of 1.5 MW each in Maharashtra and 15 WTGs of 0.6 MW each in the state of Gujarat.

The project activity spread across various regions of the country expecting financial help through CDM revenues to mitigate various risks involved in the project activity.

Project impacts and benefits: 

Sustainable Development: the sustainable development criteria as defined by the DNA of India encompass social wellbeing, Economic wellbeing, environmental wellbeing, and Technological wellbeing. The contributions of the project activity to these aspects have been detailed below:

Social Well Being: India is currently facing a huge energy crisis which is evident from the fact that the energy shortage in India has increased from 7.1% in 2003-04 to 9.9%2 in 2007-08 whereas the peak shortage has increased from 11.2% to 16.6% during the same period. The project activity will help to narrow this gap. Further, the project activity helps in alleviation of poverty by generating employment opportunities for both skilled & unskilled workers in the region.

Economic Well Being: Transport of WTGs and related equipment, land development, civil works, installation, commissioning and operation of these WTGs will involve lot of skilled and unskilled workers of all levels and thus is a source of employment generation.

Environmental Well Being: In India power sector is primarily fossil fuel based (especially coal). The project activity will replace such sources and thus help in reduction greenhouse gases emissions and other pollutants such as SOx & NOx.

Technological Well Being: Initiatives like these by business houses will provide impetus to the technology providers to come up with more efficient technologies which will again promote investment in this sector.


Link to the GoldStandard website: https://www.goldstandard.org/projects/renewable-wind-power-generation-promoting-energy-security

Gold standard CERs: IN-5-224062406-2-2-0-5553 - IN-5-224095633-2-2-0-5553

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USD 2.00 per tonne
IN: 206631086 - 206667501
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: M/s Gangadhar Narsingdas Agrawal (GNA)
Availability: 36,416 tonne(s)


USD 2.00 per tonne
IN: 224066587 - 224095633
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: M/s Gangadhar Narsingdas Agrawal (GNA)
Availability: 15,910 tonne(s)