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San Clemente Hydroelectric Power Plant

San Clemente is a run of the river hydroelectric power plant of 5.5 MW of installed capacity. It takes energetic advantage of irrigating waters, and supplies the electricity demand of over 4,000 people. Owned by Colbún S.A., San Clemente power plant is located in Maule Region, about 33 km southeast of Talca city.

Environmental Performance

San Clemente began its commercial operation at the end of year 2010, under the framework of the Renewable Energy Law (20,257). In September 2011 it achieved the Clean Development Mechanism registration (CDM Project 4800), which allows it to certify emission reductions for about 17 thousand tons of CO2e per year.

Like all others Colbun’s power plants, San Clemente is also certified under ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Social Performance

Our Community Relationship Policy sets up the framework to work closely with our neighboring communities, with the purpose of creating shared value. Within this framework, several activities are developed, such as the following:

-        Promoting joint work, through the subscription of an agreement with South Maule Canal Irrigators’ Association, which creates and establishes tools for promoting water savings and irrigation efficiencies. We are also promoting training programs and technology transferences focused on small irrigators.

-        Frequent visits and tours to our facilities, keeping the community informed, creating spaces to clarify doubts and installing the importance of electric power in our daily life. We receive visits from schools, authorities, local organizations, among others. We also have permanent meetings with authorities and neighbors to inform the performance of the different social initiatives developed in conjunction with the city council and the community.

 -        Strengthening education of young students in our neighboring communities. Some examples are the Complementary Training Program (FORCOM), which provides competences and abilities to public school students, “Cuido Mi Planeta” (“Taking Care of my Planet”) program, created to promote environmental conscience through practical and entertaining activities for the community, and supporting environmental certification of neighboring schools (among others training activities).

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Applicable Commitment Period questionmark
USD 5.00 per tonne
CL: 23219812 - 23230008
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Colbun S.A.
Availability: 4,994 tonne(s)


USD 5.00 per tonne
CL: 23230362 - 23247647
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Colbun S.A.
Availability: 4,970 tonne(s)