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Santana I SHP CDM Project (JUN 1118)

The project generates electricity from a renewable source (hydroelectric source), through the small hydro power plant Santana I.

This project was developed by Firenze Energética S/A, a private company that is part of the Interalli Group. Interalli Group, based in Curitiba, Brazil, has diverse operations, including technological development of seeds and planting, port terminal facilities, logistic systems, export and import of commodities, and hydroelectric energy generation plants.

The installed capacity of Santana I is 14.75 MW. It is located on the Santana river bank, in the city of Nortelândia, state of Mato Grosso, in the central-eastern region of Brazil. In contrast to large hydroelectric power plants, this plant uses a small reservoir and has virtually no environmental impact. This is an important factor because small plants use natural resources efficiently, avoiding the negative environmental and social impacts of large fossil-fuel-based hydroelectric or thermoelectric facilities.

The project contributes to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions because it reduces the need to burn fossil fuels to generate  power. It also has a positive impact in the community. As part of the project implementation, Interalli Group built for the population of Nortelandia the playground Nortefly Beach Children's Park. Finally, the project, approved by the Brazilian government, helps to achieve the sustainable development objectives of the country.

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Latin America & the Caribbean

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USD 2.00 per tonne
BR: 134940330 - 135011568
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Carbotrader Assessoria e Consultoria em Energia Ltda.
Availability: 71,239 tonne(s)