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Trang Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment Project in Trang Province, Thailand

Trang Palm Oil Co., Ltd. is a crude palm oil processing plant, located in Trang Province in Southern part of Thailand. We have conducted “Trang Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment Project” to prevent wastewater from decomposing and generating Methane which will result in global warming.  Methane is changed to green energy and generates electricity. Not only minimizes Methane emission, this project also reduces odor pollution which in turn contributing to well-being of the society. Besides, this project also helps improve environmental consciousness among local agriculturists and surrounding communities.  

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Environment Air Participation
Environment Natural Resources Participation

Applicable Commitment Period questionmark
USD 0.50 per tonne
TH: 8453255 - 8500144
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: Trang Palm Oil Co., Ltd.
Availability: 25,887 tonne(s)