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N2O abatement in HP Nitric Acid plants at Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, India

Reason for cancellation

Purchase of 49 carbon offsetting units by Peterson Freight Management, to be retired on behalf of Enovate Systems Limited. Refs: 80483173 IMP 2092/23 + 80483171 IMP 2091/23 + 80483175 IMP 2093/23 // FMC Kongsberg AS to Aker Brazil - AXPUKJ011211. The offsetting units arise from project CDM02792 (vintage 2010): achieving the catalytic reduction of N2O via Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, India. Nitrous Oxide is a powerful greenhouse gas. Its abatement is critical to mitigating Climate Change. The units are allied to the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism framework and were sourced by Highland Carbon Ltd. One offsetting unit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide emission.

Number of units cancelled
45 CERs
Equivalent to 45 tonne(s) of CO2
Start serial number: IN-5-174653475-1-1-0-2792
End serial number: IN-5-174653519-1-1-0-2792