What people say about offsetting

My husband and I usually choose to use the Climate Neutral Now Online Platform in order to offset carbon emissions caused by work- and leisure related travel by plane. We started using this platform about two years ago as we had booked a trip abroad which we did not want to cancel. We also know that travel by plane causes a lot of emissions and we feel guilty about this. My husband also frequently has to travel by plane with work, which was yet another reason why we compensate our emissions. We usually also buy extra carbon offsets to compensate carbon emissions for people who choose to not buy carbon offsets (this is their choice).

We are worried about climate change, and even though we do some things "correctly" i.e. we are vegetarians who eat mostly vegan food, we find it impossible to do all things "correctly", especially in a consumerist society. The Climate Neutral Now Online Platform is a good and affordable way for us to offset our carbon emissions. We like that we can choose different projects with various social and environmental benefits.

Best regards,

Astrid Andersson

It has been a true privilege to be working with the Climate Change secretariat/UNFCCC, and the level of support and knowledge-sharing is second to none. CHOOOSE would not have been able to achieve anything near the massive positive climate effect we have been able to without this collaboration.

Andreas Slettvoll, Chooose