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Wind power project in Madhya Pradesh, India

This project activity involves set up of a wind farm of 24 MW in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. A total of 30 Wind Electricity Generators (WEGs) of 800 kW capacity each, i.e. a total capacity of 24 MW are installed at the site. The project would lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provide clean renewable power to the regional NEWNE grid.

The project activity consists of 30 nos. of Enercon make 0.8 MW WEGs totaling to a capacity of 24 MW. The WEG generates 3-phase power at 400V, which is stepped up to 33 KV.

These WEGs are based on gearless technology, which helps in eliminating mechanical losses. It also combines the variable speed with variable pitch and hence increases the conversion efficiency. This technology is well established and running successfully at various sites in India.

The project activity provides direct and indirect job opportunities to the local population during construction of the project as well as during operation stage. Employment generation helps poverty alleviation in the local community and bring about reduction in the disparity of income. The infrastructure development for the purpose of the project activity benefits the local community. For instance, roads constructed for connecting the project sites are used by the villagers. The generation of electricity by the project activity improves availability of electricity to the state grid and also provides more opportunities for setting up of industries in the region. Communication facilities are improved substantially in the surrounding villages, which are located in remote areas.

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Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
Environment Natural Resources Participation
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USD 1.00 per tonne
IN: 202355351 - 202361788
Applicable tax rate: 0 %
Provider: M/s Ratedi Wind Power Private Limited
Availability: 4,979 tonne(s)